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Lake and Pond Consultant


Do you need a little help with your lake or pond? Have you tried correcting something that you want changed? (For example: poor fishing; too many small fish; removal of unwanted species; the absence of desired fish; too many weeds). We are available for all your lake and pond consulting needs. The Boatcycle family can provide you with a total program, either doing all the work required or just make a visit to your lake or pond and provide you with a “game plan” on what needs to be done and in what order, to accomplish what you want to see changed or improved.

Ken Hale has been working in this industry since 1980 in both equipment and chemicals. He has hands-on knowledge and use of biological controls as well. He is called upon by many of Texas AgriLife (County Agricultural Agents) to come and speak on all of these issues at pond/lake management programs. He has been a featured speaker at the Annual State Convention of the Texas Aquaculture Association and also at the “Pond Boss” Convention and Show.

Here is what one Texas A&M AgriLife Agent wrote as he invited residents of his county to attend a pond/lake workshop in 2009: Pond management specialist, Ken Hale, the owner of Boatcycle in Henderson, Texas will discuss aquatic weed management. Boatcycle services all levels of clients from individuals to large retail companies. Ken and his family help clients with everything from pond algae consultations to designing a program to fit a client’s particular needs to custom-made hauling tanks. Ken maintains a personal one-on-one relationship with his clients and the business is a family operation.

Ken is a specialist on aquatic vegetation and will be discussing pond management using Lake XXXX as an example. Lake XXXX is a 40 acre lake with an average depth of 10 feet but 25 deep in some areas. We will discuss pond management to help the property owner’s work as a team to identify and control unwanted vegetation growing in and around the banks…

Ken is also a respected source of information gained from his 12-plus years of raising Tilapia at the farm in Henderson. This operation not only features earthen ponds but a large enclosed recirculation system to over-winter the fish so they are ready to go to work for you at the first warm-up in the Spring. There are very few operations like this around. This school of “Hard Knocks” has taught him the mistakes to avoid saving his clients this cost and time.

Please call with your questions and see if this is an avenue you would like to pursue.