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Boatcycle, Inc. was founded in 1954 by Sam and Corrine Dearmond, in their family garage. Sam designed, built and patented the company's first product "The Boatcycle," an early forerunner of today’s trolling motor.

"The Boatcycle" allowed fishermen to propel themselves along southern shorelines to bass fish. The Dearmonds, well into their 70s at the time, decided to sell their company and chose a 30-year-old radio broadcaster who literally had to learn everything about the business and the aquaculture industry, which the Dearmonds carefully taught him over the following few years.

Today Ken, along with his wife Mollie, their son Kirk and his wife Rachel, has taken the company way beyond where it all began. The Hale's are also hoping for a third generation to come on board one day, which would be Maci and Khristian who are their precious grandchildren.

The business has expanded beyond the initial product to encompass a complete line of fishing supplies, chemicals, liquid fertilizer and in the past few years have added Tilapia fish farming to the wide gamut of products they offer.

Boatcycle services all levels of clients from individuals to large retail companies. Ken and Kirk help clients with everything from pond algae consultations to designing a program to fit a clients particular needs to custom-made hauling tanks.

Even though the company has greatly expanded its products and service line through the years, the Hale's still maintain a personal one-on-one relationship with their clients and run the business like the family operation it stemmed from.

We look forward to 50 plus more years of quality products, outstanding customer service and to continue working with established clients while taking care of new ones.

Thank you for your patronage.

The Hale Family