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Deep Glow

Product Description

Deep Glow lights were designed specifically to solve the problems caused by fragile designs of the past, some of which are still being sold today. Deep Glow's patented design utilizes a metal halide bulb in a tri-level protective casing constructed of a custom injection molded polycarbonate, waterproof and weighted housing, and 1/4" thick glass dome. All include a one-year limited warranty that guarantees replacement or repair for any manufacturer’s defects at no additional cost. Deep Glow Lights are not only the toughest lights in the industry, they are brighter, easy to install and are well known for attracting fish.

Brighter by Design
Deep Glow lights are up to 60% brighter than other underwater lights. By reflecting all of the available light towards the surface, we multiply the 10,000 lumens created by the metal halide bulb resulting in a much brighter appearance on the surface. Depending on water clarity and depth, our lights can illuminate a diameter of up to 30 feet.

Simple to Install
Deep Glow Lights are designed to be easily installed in just minutes without getting wet. Simply screw the ballast (grey box) to the dock adjacent to your GFCI outlet and drop or throw the light in the water at the desired location. The light will automatically right itself and land on the bottom facing the surface. Now plug the cord into the timer (provided) and plug the timer into your outlet. When the sun goes down, the fun will start!

Attract Fish
Deep Glow products are environmentally safe and emit ultraviolet, colored light designed to attract and excite a variety of marine life. The lights begin to attract baitfish, which then attracts larger fish. As time passes, the fish become accustomed to visiting the light nightly since it produces a readily available food source.

Built Strong
Deep Glow lights were designed and tested to withstand the rigors of harsh, rough, salt water environments and commercial applications. We designed our lights to withstand prop wash, wave action and even impact from cast nets. They are the lowest profile lights available, helping to avoid damage from outboard motor skegs and fishing lines. If you're considering underwater lights for your home or business, be sure and choose a light that is built to withstand immersion and shock to provide you with years of enjoyment.

Deep Glow Lights are available in four great colors:

•Deep Green – recommended for murkier waters such as bays and inlets

•Bahamas Blue – recommended for clear waters like those in the Florida Keys

•Passion Red – for holidays and specialty commercial applications

•Crystal Clear – recommended for all other water types

Less than 2 amps
110 Volt