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Powerhouse - F1000 F

Product Description

Units are 304 stainless steel and bronze construction, heavy-duty ABS Float, UL/CSA Recognized and CE Certified Safety, lightweight and portable, 50 lbs., 50' power cord standard, 2 year limited warranty.

This adaptation of the reliable F1000 aerator produces a fountain-like water stream, providing a visually pleasing effect while supplying substantial water flow and high oxygen transfer. This unit is designed for use in areas where the appearance of the pond or lake is as important as the need for efficient aeration. The unit is targeted for use in corporate office parks, subdivisions and golf courses where the image projected is as important as the need for higher water quality. The pattern produced is comparable to many of the larger fountain units on the market but uses less than half the electric power needed by these units. The high volume spray resists misting and icing and covers an area 6' high by 21' in diameter. The water bubbles formed dance in a mesmerizing, varying pattern, providing a relaxing, visual experience. While many fountains are cost prohibitive, this unit is priced at a level where purchase and installation costs are well within any facility’s budget.

1 hp, 115 or 230volt
Black Float Only