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Aircycle No. 50 or No. 60

Product Description

The Boatcycle Company is pleased to announce the addition of another top-quality 2.5 working amps aerator.
Oxygen and fresh air are pulled down through the long tube and broken into minute bubbles by the propeller at the bottom.
Water levels may be varied without any change in performance.
The length from the motor plate to the bottom of the basket is 15” on Models No. 50 and No. 60.
The 110-volt models have 2 props and all baskets are Epoxy-Coated. Wt. 10lbs
The Aircycle was developed as a tool for very sensitive species of fish and is a much quieter aerator. It will deliver only about 75% of the air that a #26 or #90 does!
BASKETS: Epoxy Coated